We have experience in the optimization of hundreds of projects in a variety of languages on Google, Yandex e Baidu. Ours is a natural, in depth SEO that once in place, will give long term improved results.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, comprises all of the actions used to raise the profile of a web project so that it features amongst the first organic search results seen by the target user.

It is a process that involves continuous analysis and constant adjustments for improved performance. The work is modulated over time until the web structure is completely harmonious. Our task is to optimise each and every one of the site’s resources to favour the organic and natural positioning of individual pages by the use of clearly defined keywords.

Ours is an organic SEO, with which we pursue natural positioning for the web resources, such as their pages, images and PDF files, within the SERPs (search engine results pages).
A series of complex systemic operations are carried out, each linked one to the other, with the aim of achieving the maximum number of relevant visits to the site.

Relevant site visits flow from coherent indexing with respect to the brand, to the product and to the service provided to the identified client target groups. The fundamental characteristic of the relevant traffic is the conversion ratio, being much higher in percentage terms than achieved form unprofiled traffic.

Organic positioning is notable for its characteristic of being long-lasting, independent of chance factors, relying on precise values, on trust and on the placement attributed by the search engine through its algorithm.

With over 600 web projects on our books, we are market leaders in natural optimisation for search engines, providing a special service that is personalised to each of our customers.

We perform a preliminary analysis of each web site shown to us and check for any unnoticed and latent potential for its organic visibility. This study includes what is referred to as integral crawling analysis of project resources, competitor analysis and a keywords study. The result is accurate calculation of traffic delta, as regards the organic search traffic, and the CTR (click-through rate) that the project could achieve with advanced site optimisation.

We are specialists in planning SEO strategies for multi-lingual sites aimed at international markets. In addition to our considerable experience in Google TLD (top-level domain) extensions, we are also able to offer strategic consulting for optimising and positioning web portals for the Chinese market, (Baidu), and for the Russian market, (Yandex).

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